13 New City Building Games For 2019/2020 We Can't Wait To Play

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You want new city building games? We got ‘em. 2019 and 2020 are packed with enough new building games to have laying roads until… we move into space and there are no roads. We know this will happen as some of these city builder games take us into the future. There’s bound to be something here you love.

We’ve gone over all the upcoming city builder games and whittled them down to ten top picks and a few bonus suggestions, for a total of 13. That’s 13 new city builder games for 2019 and 2020 – each of the promising a different take on the genre. Some build on the ground (Founders Fortune), some build on the water (Flotsam), others on high mountain tops (Cliff Empire) and some in the skies above (Airborne Kingdom). Others reject the laws of gravity (Atmocity) and others are, er, just Paris (The Architect: Paris). Something for every kind of city building fan. These are all PC building games – Rock Paper Shotgun is a PC gaming channel.

We enjoyed the city building games of 2019 – Frostpunk was a highlight – but the city builder games 2019 and 2020 are looking even more exciting. This isn’t a list of the best city building games – we don’t know how good they are until release or they emerge out of early access – but these are the world building games we’ve got the highest hopes for. Which of these upcoming city building games are you most looking forward too? Are there any future classics you think we’ve missed? Do let us know in the comments.

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  1. I hate those self plugs. If I like a video i might press the like button and if I'm interested in more from the creator I might hit the subscribe button. It's so damn annoying how I have to listen to that in every video nowadays.

  2. Awesome Alice! Liked, and subscribed. As a huge fan of this genre, i'm happy to hear about more in the future, and maybe even your thoughts once you've played them. I've been getting most of my info for new games from Reddit but I feel like subbing to RPS and others just to have them on my youtube feed is the smarter idea. Good work and i'm honestly glad that these kind of games are getting more exposure. 🙂

  3. OK… question… WHAT in the Logic name devs of Atmocity smoked when they created that game? O_O

    I admit however that concept itself looks pretty fascinating. ^_^ \//

  4. I'm still playing Banished. Just bought the Alpha 2 for Ostriv and have over 2000 hours in Cities: Skylines. Banished is over 2400. I'm excited to try out Ostriv. Maybe tonight.

  5. Ymir is out on steam, why is it on this list?
    For those wondering it is really fun, but single player mode is kinda empty, while multiplayer is incredibly well done. I recommend the game, as long as you want a multiplayer game and are willing to pay 30eur (or whatever it costs at this point) for it.

  6. Airborne Kingdom seems to have disappeared…

    Edit: Oh, nvm. They took an exclusivity deal with Epic. Well, so much for them, then. I don't blame them for taking the deal, but I already have one steam, why do I want a second?

  7. so where its the list of games ? i understand youre a new youtuber but you need to know ater i have seen the video i have liked one game i copy the name and i go on steem or i go away and find a diferent video that has the name wrighten down you lazy bugger


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