7 Tips for Airborne Kingdom

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Here are some basic beginner tips for Airborne Kingdom.

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13 thoughts on “7 Tips for Airborne Kingdom”

  1. i wasnt impressed with the trailer, i didnt think I was going to enjoy the arabian knights setting but i got it on Epic, for £5.99 cos theyve got a 10£ coupon off, and also theres a xmas discount of £4 on it, should have been £20! 🙂

  2. Here is another tip: Workers for farms must bring food to food storage, so you can boost your food production and make sure your food storage is as close to your farms as possible. Distance travelled matter.

    Also charchol burners bring coal to the center tower, so the further away they are the less productive they are.

  3. technical problem. game use 100% of cpu and gpu. how to change it ?. this is crazy when that low poly game force me to use 500W energy to play and runs all fans to maximum. I already underclocked cpu and gpu by 50% but this is not correct way the game should work.

  4. I heavily use trade function to get the goods that are limited for each quadrant. i stopped trying to be self sufficient when i noticed i had so much wood to trade and its pretty much everywhere. anyone know if there are shortcut keys to select several items to destroy or move? thanks for the vid, i learned some things. its a sweet game, very relaxing and unique


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