A rather large influx of new people | Airborne Kingdom part 11

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Hey there, ground-dwellers! Cast of the shackles of your gravity-based existence and come join the flying future fortress of fun. Not a lot of food to speak of, but you have to take the rough with the less than rough. It’s all pretty rough. Airborne Kingdom is, for now, still airborne. And a kingdom.

Once in a while I post something of value in here.

No, that isn’t true except for in the super-secret secret message section right at the very end of the description. To get to that point you’ll have to scroll past a big lump of links and nonsense all of which will enrich your life… if you let them.

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(*) – Today’s secret: Words word words. Unnecessary punctuation for effect. More words. Reference to plan that probably won’t happen… mandatory ellipsis. Words about something that happened in the video. Jolly-sounding sign-off.


29 thoughts on “A rather large influx of new people | Airborne Kingdom part 11”

  1. Talk about words, Chris Fox did a million of them in one year. He's an author you know. Yes, I know totally irrelevent to this very nice video but really what I am intending to do with this comment is just to talk total nonesense. So that I don't give away the whisper at the end of the description (might have said too much). Yet let you know, CNL, that I did in fact read such whisper and did in fact follow it word for word. Thus, all your typing didn't go unspoken of (really it didn't, never does). And yeah…enjoy.

  2. 31:04 "that looks nice" Yes, yes it did.. but then you moved the water condensers and hacked off 4 estates as opposed to the previous 2… I can only see this going poorly, but hey, clue's in the guy's name.

  3. "When I get a bit bored on a 747 crossing the Atlantic I don't go, 'I'm a bit bored. I'd like to get off, please.'"
    D.B. Cooper disagrees. Well, maybe he'd agree if he was in the middle of the Atlantic.

  4. Well yes… words… always good for talking. And you had some at the end there. And in the whole video. So… success!
    I did like the analogy of being on a plane and asking to get off because you're bored. Can you imagine?… "Captain, we have another one." "Okay. Hang on everybody. We have to get a bit lower so another joker can jump out."

  5. I'd hate to put an end to your misfortunes, but there's more for you to account for in the happiness tooltip than just how many people are tired of living next to the rotors. Your issue isn't negatives, it's a lack of positives (and not all the positives involve building things near houses).

  6. You moved the vertical rotors away from the housing, but then you moved the water condensers closer to the housing. But the water condensers appear to be MUCH worse than the vertical rotors on citizen moral. Fun game though!


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