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Take a fantastical journey — fly the desert and build your domain.

Airborne Kingdom, the debut title from The Wandering Band, uniquely blends city management and exploration, with a world and lore all its own. Build housing, gather food, satisfy needs, and grow your tribe. Maintain lift, discover resources, and explore the desert for lost technologies.

The kingdom, your journey, their lives — all of it is up to you to decide.


25 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom Announce Trailer”

  1. Looks amazing and has great potential.

    But the devs need to learn basic physics…

    With the blades angled that way and the rotational direction, the force applied is DOWN not up.

    You have multiple propellers, but all in the same direction. It's like a helicopter spiral crash because it's tail rotor broke. This city would be in an uncontrollable spin (and because of the rotor direction, accelerating to the ground) …

    I'm not expecting a game to have perfect physics, but some loose allegiance to reality would be beneficial 🙂


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