Airborne Kingdom | Episode 1 | Getting Airborne

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Hello and welcome to… Airborne Kingdom!

This is a new release, well sort of! Released on the 17th December 2020, Airborne Kingdom is a city builder with a twist! Yep you’ve guessed it, we’re building a city in the sky!

The aim of this game is to basically recreate a flying city which used to exist long ago however one day mysteriously vanished! We meet civilisations along the way we should ally with and need to expand our city to mirror the once great “Airborne Kingdom”. Cool right?

Anyway if you think Airborne Kingdom is for you, why not purchase it? It’s exclusive to the Epic Games Store! If you purchase it, make sure on the checkout screen you type my “Creator Tag” which is: JO3DO88Y, if you do that, i’ll get a small bonus!

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2 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom | Episode 1 | Getting Airborne”

  1. I think this has potential. A different take on a somewhat stale genre of city building. I'm going to enjoy watching these vids. Also, if everyone in the town is walking round like they've soiled themselves, that could explain why they haven't got smiley faces lol


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