Airborne Kingdom Final episode. The Tapestry Is Finally Complete.

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I may not have mentioned this in the video, But I would like to say it here.
I honestly loved this game, I don’t think I even have a complaint.
The art style was beautiful to say the least, Having the options to color building was a good touch they didn’t have to add.
(That being said I do wish they had a black and red combination, This is only because I love that Combination myself.)
There were times I was convinced I was going to crash and burn, Other times people kept leaving. That was a nice challenge that I really enjoyed, The worry and stress of not knowing if it would all fall apart and when.
This game I will play again on my own time, I will even try to see how big and how fast I can make my city. There is so much you can do in regards to design, I went with the abomination look for this playthrough.
I would actually love to see what style’s my Community have made, If you have played this alongside me, Please post your photos.
I will make a post about it where you all can show me your beautiful city designs.
I really think that the Devs did very well with this game, I will be looking forward to the next game, Be it in this series or not.
I wish my community the best, Your comments have meant a lot to me.
This Includes all comments on all videos, You are amazing and I just wanted to let you know that.
Thank you all so much for your support.


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