Airborne Kingdom First Look

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Airborne Kingdom

Today we check out Airborne Kingdom for the first time. It’s a chill exploration, city builder, with great music.

Broadcast: December 21, 2020

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0:00 Introduction
3:25 Game Start
20:24 Game Resumes
1:17:13 Lunch Break
1:36:02 Game Resumes


1 thought on “Airborne Kingdom First Look”

  1. Okay maybe they explain this later but how is it okay for a moving kingdom to just take stuff from the land? Like doesn't that land belong to someone? Is this some mythical world with unclaimed land that doesn't belong to any country? Also why do people that have mastered air travel need to research basic things like kilns? I guess this is the part where I suspend my disbelief for the sake of interesting game mechanics but I am so distracted by thinking of all the reasons why this makes no sense. Honestly if this game just mentioned magic or "a wizard did it" it's be easier but I guess I expect a game with technological language to have more internal logic.


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