Airborne Kingdom – Flying Colony Building Open World Sandbox

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Airborne Kingdom with Splat! Let’s Play Airborne Kingdom and check out a game where you’ll fly through the skies erecting a city and helping unite the world following a terrible collapse.

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25 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom – Flying Colony Building Open World Sandbox”

  1. "…it's probably bad for the environment, but we're building flying cities now. We have no need of the Earth any longer." –Splattercat said while farming things on earth to sustain his flying city. Things the Earth provides. Things the city will crash and burn without. This is human thought processes in all it's glory. LMFAO

  2. I don't get how building stuff on the flying city uses up lift. You had the weight of the materials stored on the ship but its weight is only detrimental to the lift when you build something with it?


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