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Airborne Kingdom is a flying city builder combining free-roam exploration, nodal storytelling, and sim-style management in a soothing, experiential style of gameplay. It allows players to create their own unique and beautiful kingdoms in the sky.

Players will build and manage a kingdom in the clouds as they work to maintain lift and explore the furthest reaches of a mysterious landscape below. As their kingdom grows, and with it their skill at navigating this fantastical realm, players will unlock the lost technologies of the Ancients in order to restore harmony to the world and build bridges between peoples separated long ago.

For The Wandering Band – a small and ambitious team including visionary developer Ben Wander (A Case of Distrust, one of Polygon’s 50 best games of 2018), art director Chee Fong, engineer Fred Gareau, and production veteran Zach Mumbach – Airborne Kingdom is a truly dramatic leap forward.


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