Airborne Kingdom – Gameplay Launch Trailer

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Airborne Kingdom is out now for PC and Mac on Epic Games Store!

A first-of-its-kind “sky city builder,” Airborne Kingdom finds players in control of their own civilization in the clouds – at first a small propellor-borne platform that will grow in population and scale into a vast, bustling kingdom. Gathering resources, exploring the sprawling landscapes below, and maintaining literal and figurative balance as the city expands in every direction, players will gradually ally themselves with kingdoms on the ground, collaborating to kickstart a long-lost global exchange of resources, ideas, and hope.


15 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom – Gameplay Launch Trailer”

  1. I hope u add more diversity in the game like more missions expanded world to explore and maybe raiders and hostile airborne kingdoms because in the ending of the game the lire said the latest airborne kingdom is not the first kingdom since ancient times but many more flying kingdom that already ascended.. i was hoping that 1 of those ascended not the original airborne kingdom becomes greedy and want to invade the low realm for the airborne kingdom has many layers of realm each can be unlocked by continuing accession and each ascension bring new technology "tower of god" concept where each floor is massive while self sustainable but each floor unlocks nee technology so yeah honey broken but fair opinion.

  2. Please allow Street Light to build on the path. And if you could display building size along with the cost, that would be great.

    And lastly, please let us turn off building; freeing up worker inside for other job.


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