Airborne Kingdom, if Frostpunk were in the sky, and a LITTLE chill [ToG]

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This is a vod, it was a stream that happened…probably a while ago now, give us a subscrwibe 🙂



5 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom, if Frostpunk were in the sky, and a LITTLE chill [ToG]”

  1. Cutscene starts at: 6:42
    Actual Game starts at: 9:55
    Gininguga moment frfr on God (Real) (maybe a lil bit fake tho)
    Day 17 of reccomending RoA until i get a response from brett of weather he would like to play it or not (featuring a wall of text i will copy and paste):
    The game i want to reccomend is called: Rivals of Aether (RoA for short) and it is a platform fighter just like smash bros but with workshop Characters/Stages/Gamemodes which are very well made most of the time.
    Not only that but you can play with these characters on online against other people as long as you have atleast one compatible character with them (which in most cases they do since you should have atleast 20 characters to increase the chances of different matchups)
    Now the reason why im reccomending this to you is because not only have i gone on a spree of reccomending this game to many youtubers i like, but because i thought maybe you could do something like tournaments with your twitch chat and also play it with your friends (even if you lot don't do videos on it)
    Also the beast stage is recreated in there too with music integrated and all. Oh and there is also a issac character for SSL which is pretty well made (SSL or Super Smash Land being a non official "Gamemode" made by the community where every character and map has gameboy graphics and have much simpler moveset's).
    Also i forgot to add that if you need help getting into the game you can always ask me anything and i will respond the best way i can.
    So please do tell me if you are gonna play it so i can give you a list of good characters to have.
    (Also any help towards the streak is most appreciated,liking the comment and telling brett about it during streams would be appreciated,though do remember to not be annoying while reccomending the game as i don't want him to have a negative experience with such a lovely game 🤠👍)


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