Airborne Kingdom (Original Soundtrack)

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00:00 01 Tapestry
02:36 02 Journey_s Lift Off
06:53 03 Faith in Our Steps
10:55 04 The Wind_s Bazaar
16:46 05 Moonlit Cartographers (Part 1)
19:41 06 Moonlit Cartographers (Part 2)
24:16 07 Swiftly Through the Valley
30:15 08 We Return to Our Home (Night)
33:36 09 Traders of the Winds
39:27 10 Untraveled
44:03 11 We Return to Our Home (Day)
47:01 12 A Prophecy Fulfilled
52:22 13 Muluab_s Endless Canon
54:37 14 Airborne Nocturne

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Music from the video game Airborne Kingdom, by The Wandering Band

Released: December 2, 2020

Music composed, arranged, and produced by Paul Aubry
Journey’s Lift-Off and The Wind’s Bazaar co-written by Paul Aubry and Simon Desrochers

Composer assistance and project management by Simon Desrochers

Featured musicians:

Vocals: Béatrice Aubry
Piano: Paul Aubry
Guitar and double bass: Simon Desrochers
Violin: Alexandra Ferraud
Guitar: Simon Métivier
Flute and bansuri: Emma Kramer-Rodger

Mastering by Richard Addison


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