Airborne Kingdom Part 13 – The Lost Tundra

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So in this update, your goal is simple. You have to rescue all 12 explorer in order to finish the objective. They are scattered around the northern frozen wastes and the further north you go, the colder it gets. Any building that needs a furnace but you don’t have one on it will severely get affected. If you have a low allowance on lift, you can easily crash here and lose the game.

The whole mission is made infinitely easier if you constructed the Nomad’s Orrey wonder. This will show all 12 locations of the trapped explorers as well as additional dye unlocks you can get. Each time you rescue a trapped settlement, you will gain 3-4 inhabitants and food and water resources to keep you going. There is no food, water or coal in this region so the map discourages you from camping in this region.

Hence, this is why I regret expanding my population in the previous part. I did not know you will get a load more of people after finishing this quest. The quest also offers no reward when completing it. Overall this update is more of a challenge and provides no positive impact to your kingdom other than forcing you to expand it.

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