Airborne Kingdom / part 17 (finale)

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The city is sustaining itself, the kingdoms are united and the prophecy is fulfilled. In this last extra length part we achieve all of this and so it becomes time to return to where it all started.

I share a discord with several other content creators and a load of friendly people.
Feel free to drop by the Guild of Calamitous Intent if you want to have a look.


2 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom / part 17 (finale)”

  1. aiyonmk3 and his color themes… 😀

    'hey let's make an airborne kingdom!'
    'a kingdom that flies in the blue sky among the fluffy white clouds? sure! what color do you wants to paint it?'
    'earthern colors and bloody red wings!'

  2. The new mode seems interesting but I'm a bit disappointed with the apparent lack of downsides in the new city centers.

    I would watch if you continued and I'm wondering if there might be some new opportunities for delicious cheese with the new centers.
    The garden center seems like it would be really nice as you can ignore tilt and the pollution.


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