Airborne Kingdom / part 4

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Things start out a little sticky but we do make it back to safety without crashing. So, sticking closer to basic materials, we expand our influence further into the region.

I share a discord with several other content creators and a load of friendly people.
Feel free to drop by the Guild of Calamitous Intent if you want to have a look.


1 thought on “Airborne Kingdom / part 4”

  1. and this time i noticed the last line of the intro 'i am the lawn'.
    I'm grinning more than a single added letter should make me.

    your flying kingdom looks more and more like a bird or fish. or like the grandshaft from your cosmoteer series, just with a smaller shaft.

    also, about the reading comment in the videos part, you are one of the few youtuber i follow who try to do it as much as possible. i mean, you seem to try to read and reply to every comment you can in the videos.
    it's fine to just reply to a few comments that you find especially noteworthy. that would also solve the problem that you are talking about them for half the video instead of about ingame stuff. i think you mentioned having some problems with that in your cosmoteer series.
    unless you do it because you have too little to talk about othervice, than nevermind.


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