Airborne Kingdom Part 7 – The Second Realm

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The second realm is a mountainous area. You will be able to mine ore here which can be processed into iron. It is a unique resource available to this region only.

The second realm is just as large as the first realm, with the only exception that there’s fewer food sources – so be sure to have at least a sizeable food storage (at least 100+) before you get to this realm.

You can also build more farms in your airborne kingdom to increase food production. You will want to consider the windmill which doubles the production of nearby farms, but farms also drain water so you will want to build water condensers as well to increase your water production.

This realm is also where you can unlock the Fan propulsion building. It is one of the BEST propulsion buildings that you should get, because it will make your airborne kingdom reach 100% speed easily.

We finish the entire Realm 2 in this part, before proceeding to the final realm.

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