Airborne Kingdom / part 8

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The people are fickle. For some reason they are leaving me… why do they take issue with my lack of medical care?

I share a discord with several other content creators and a load of friendly people.
Feel free to drop by the Guild of Calamitous Intent if you want to have a look.


1 thought on “Airborne Kingdom / part 8”

  1. you have 20+ idle people and lots of ressources, i think you should build more of those sustainability buidings, to the limits of what you can sustain through passive income. you may want to switch some coal powered lift and propulsion buildings to people powered ones, to get positive coal income. it is possible to achieve, so why not.
    also, for the great buiding reshuffle, how about putting housing and relates stuff on one side and most industry on the other? it should work weightwise.

    …i know this sounds a lot like backseat gaming and many lets players don't like it, but as someone that goes for maximum selfsufficiency in most games, it's like an urge to give advice that's hard to resist. i hope you don't mind if it is to this degree.


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