Airborne Kingdom Part 8 – The Third Realm I

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Welcome to Realm 3, the hardest realm (its not really that hard – it is quite foggy though so be sure to hover your mouse around when looking or searching for something). It is said to be poor in both food and coal resources, so be sure you stock these up and have a high storage capacity before you traverse into this realm.

By now you should have the fan propulsion building installed into your kingdom. This will help immensely because this third realm is quite huge. Use also the charcoal hut burner building as your excess wood from allies can be converted into coal automatically, so you won’t be running out of coal too soon.

Tip: It is possible to build enough charcoal burner huts so that your coal consumption is 0, even if you have fan propulsion buildings – so as long as production zeroes out your rate of consumption of coal.

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