Airborne kingdom (PC)(GamePlay) #1

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Game: Airborne kingdom (My Gameplay)
Class: city-building
Walkthrough on Story

+Build Your Domain
Construct a unique sky city. Build housing, satisfy needs, and grow your clan. Maintain lift, balance weight, and be careful not to run low on fuel!
+Fly The Barrens
Explore the landscape, which changes with every playthrough. Search for resources, find lost technologies, and discover the fate of The Ancients!
+Connect The Kingdoms
Gain allegiance with the ground kingdoms. Help them find artifacts, construct monuments, and connect them to the skies. Your guidance can propel an era of harmony!

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Initial release date: 2020
Developer: The Wandering Band LLC
Publisher: The Wandering Band LLC
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems


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