Airborne Kingdom – Post Apocalyptic Sandbox Colony Survival

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Airborne Kingdom gameplay with Splat! Lets Play Airborne Kingdom and check out a game where you’ll fly above the world trying to peacefully unite the factions under one banner.

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30 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom – Post Apocalyptic Sandbox Colony Survival”

  1. I would say that Boat somewhat requires some sort of propulsion? Else it would be raft… Also it looks cool. I like games like this… Too bad it was rotting on Epic store 🙁

  2. Could you possibly start doing timestamps for intro, mechanics explanation, and gameplay? Yesterday's gameplay not starting until 8 minutes in was kind of disappointing when I didn't have time to watch your whole video.

  3. Not the kind of title I'm into, at all, but I'll still watch the video (as usual). 😅 It is pretty, and presents a few unique ideas, but I find regular old survival games hard enough (and not very fun), even when they're on land.

  4. With the risk of getting lynched because of using mac for gaming, it could be extremely nice if you could put keywords like Mac and Windows at the end of the title to let us know the platforms the game can be played on, that way we can actually search by those keywords and can get only the related results. Otherwise, I often find myself watching a really cool gameplay of a really nice game that I got to love by the end of the video, only to find out that the game does not run on my computer (Mac) :(((( I ofc know that you don't have to in any way, but it would be a very very helpful thing for I think not only me but other people as well. Love your work and thank you 🙂

  5. Very pretty. I wanna say you're probably mostly paying for aesthetics here, which may be valid for some, depending on wallet size and disposition. I don't see that it contains any substantial variables that provides replayability. According to negative reviews, after 5-10 hours, you'll be done with it, unless you wanna go again just to look at it I guess.

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  7. I should look into getting this game, it's got my interest, thanks for reviewing this one again Splat. Also, yes, a Conservatory is a term for a school, for music and/or the arts, it is also another term for a Solarium, Greenhouse, or such similar.

  8. Oh lol, it's on steam now. I remembered your EGS review. I liked a game, I played it, but didn't bought it. Now I am wondering should i buy it, or boycott it for being EGS exclusive for year?


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