Airborne Kingdom Review

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Our review of Airborne Kingdom, the flying-city builder by The Wandering Band, out now on PC on the Epic Games Store, Switch, XBOX Series X/S/One, Playstation 4/5.

Few corrections to mistakes made in the video. None change the ratings given.
1. There are difficulty settings.
2. Once each wonder is unlocked, it grants a different starting buff in New Game + if you choose to start with one of the alternate town centers.
3. There is also an opening cutscene and short cutscenes each time you ally a kingdom.
4. The correct name of the developer is The Wandering Band.

Timestamps for each section of the review:
Gameplay – 00:23
Graphics – 06:30
Intangibles – 08:55
Immersion – 10:00
Value – 14:15


1 thought on “Airborne Kingdom Review”

  1. Ohhhh so this is how they built Columbia from Bioshock Infinite. In all seriousness, what a great idea for a city builder game, and the Middle Eastern style meets Steampunk ascetic really resonate. It reminds me of the Alin faction from Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends which is a super old game, but one in which the desert people lived in floating cities.

    You have really got the review bug scratched, keep up the great work! 👍


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