Airborne Kingdom | Review

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The sky city builder awaits. Create your own flying kingdom and lead it on a quest across an expansive world. Explore the varied landscape, build up a floating metropolis, aid struggling people below, uncover lost secrets and, ultimately, bring back the Airborne Kingdom legend.


16 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom | Review”

  1. This sounds really good, I like the sound and look of it. Really looks like they did a good job on it. There is always a bit of a compromise with using the Switch controllers instead of a mouse. Hey maybe somebody could make a mouse for the Switch. This is certainly a game I will try. Thanks for the review.

  2. The concept reminds me of an old PC game I used to play in the late 90's called Stratosphere. I haven't thought about it in like 20 years so this video brought me back to when I was a wee lad. Will be checking this game out for sure.


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