Airborne Kingdom Review – City Builder in the Sky

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28 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom Review – City Builder in the Sky”

  1. Damn! Great concept… but for a s-f city builder! I mean building a flying city in clouds of Venus. That would be great, much better than this fantasy world.

  2. F. Y. I. I got this very soon after release for about Β£5, as it was on sale and was able to use the Β£10 Christmas coupon promotion. So maybe watch out for that again if your interested.

  3. I'm finding a tad repeatative and dull but it was interesting for a few hours, shame there was no pirate or combat, or interesting characters , I couldn't take this for ten hours, but game is very well made and looks beautiful

  4. Hey Mack, check out "merchant of the skies", it's a bit more trading related but I liked it more then Airborne kingdom. it's a too easy… My city looks like crap, isnt optimized, still have half a tech tree to go but discovered almost everything except a library. I think that's the end no?


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