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I really do like city builders. I like all manner of city builders. I’ve played lots of different kinds, from tower builders to farm builders to your expected Sim City and Cities Skylines. We recently reviewed Endzone, a post-apocalyptic city builder. When I saw AIrborne Kingdom by Thunderful Development hit the market, I knew I had to give it a try. About five and a half hours later, I’ve got news for you. Ah, city builders. Just when you think you won’t find anything new in a genre, something surprising comes up. Does Airborne Kingdom’s flying builder take the genre to new heights, or is it a flaming Hindenburg of an atrocity that will leave you disappointed?

Watch on, and find out.

My name is thoraxe, and this is Strategy for Busy People. If you’ve got a few minutes, I’ll tell you what to play.

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