Airborne Kingdom – The Ancient City Rises! (Part 1)

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A floating metropolis awaits new leadership! Airborne Kingdom is a slower-paced, relaxing city builder where you construct and direct a flying city. Explore a vast and divided land, befriend the kingdoms below, and reunite the world!

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No copyright infringement intended. Airborne Kingdom copyright is owned by their respective owners which includes but is not limited to The Wandering Band LLC and Freedom Games. I did not make the game (or assets) and do not claim to. I do claim recording the video and audio associated with this playthrough.

Music credit:

“Doo Dat Wah”
by Jules Gaia
Provided by Epidemic Sound (



45 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom – The Ancient City Rises! (Part 1)”

  1. Yes! You made my day Pravus! I streamed this game a while ago and it was fun. Pro tip: check everywhere you can and try to find everything. There is a building that can help locate everything in the world.

  2. yes please turn this into a series. i love this game and like to see someone elses pov. i will not spoil anything as that takes away the fun but please do keep this up

  3. First video into a new game and Pravus is sounding with care and calm… I bet one or two more episodes into the series Pravus is going to blame its people for not working overtime due to sickness.

    Praise Pravus!!!

  4. I remember this game back from dos days of gaming. it looks beautiful and amazing still. thank you for showing this game and doing a series on it. real nostalgic for me.


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