Airborne Kingdom – The Sky City Builder – EP1

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Join me as we explore the skies in Airborne Kingdom, a city builder where we build a city in the skies. We must maintain our city’s lift, balance, and of course pay attention to our resources, all the while exploring the landscape to find resources, lost technologies and ultimately discover the fate of The Ancients.

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About Airborne Kingdom
Airborne Kingdom — the sky city builder. Grow your unique town among the clouds, and fly it across a wide-open landscape. Explore the skies to restore serenity to the world below

Build Your Domain

Construct a unique sky city. Build housing, satisfy needs, and grow your clan. Maintain lift, balance weight, and be careful not to run low on fuel!

Fly The Barrens

Explore the landscape, which changes with every playthrough. Search for resources, find lost technologies, and discover the fate of The Ancients!

Connect The Kingdoms

Gain allegiance with the ground kingdoms. Help them find artifacts, construct monuments, and connect them to the skies. Your guidance can propel an era of harmony!


Outro Music: Dreams – Bensound
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7 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom – The Sky City Builder – EP1”

  1. Hi there Caledorn,

    you do have the option to select multiple buildings for destruction. Open the build menue eland find the destroy button on bottom right. You than even can drag with the mouse to mark things, and use the button to remove all at once.

  2. Welcome back! I had been hoping that you or Katherine would play this game. It seems right up your alley and you guys are so much better and more careful than most other YouTubers. Thank you for this series!

  3. Great to see you back! This looks like a fun game.
    Do resources add weight that requires lift to counteract?
    That would be an interesting (and challenging) mechanic, making you consider how much of each to keep as you travel between resource deposits.


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