Airborne Kingdom Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 (Ashrock Landing, Khora Bay, Bluff's Gateway) (Hard)

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This gameplay saw me adapting to the scarce coal situation, comforting my citizens with greeneries, and discovering the third landscape. As forests are as abundant as ever, the main cost of coal huts is the people, so I basically cut down all the farm buildings to support coal huts. I also finally figured out that my people need comforts from plants, so I just built tons of them (they don’t need people nor coal which is great), and they stopped deserting the city. After finishing Ashrock Landing and Khora Bay relatively easily, I went to the third landscape which is scarce in food…so I built all my farms back. The UI makes it a bit annoying to maintain the balance between water and food, as when I find food I need to manually turn off all the farms one by one to save on my water, and vice versa. Next walk through should finish the game (if there’s no final boss or something…)! Also built a Tranquil Gardens wonder which apparently calms my people to the point that they no longer care about tilt and noises. Truly a wonder indeed!

00:00:00 — Ashrock Landing
00:11:38 — Khora Bay
00:43:41 — Bluff’s Gateway


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