Airborne Kingdom Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 (Mohnem's Foundry, Crag Perch, Jukar Lookout) (Hard)

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The game warned me about food when I first arrived at the highland landscape, but it actually seemed like resource is generally scarce. Coal seemed as scarce as in the last landscape, which was not a grave problem as my coal production is already in place (and thanks to my allies’ wood supplies). Water was actually the greatest problem after food, as farms need water to operate. In the end my solution was to just build a bunch of water towers when I saw several oases together. I also got my people to become jubilant again by providing health services (through tea gardens, beautiful). As farms and health services both require lots of workforce, efficiency in all kinds of work seems important in the late game, such as those of gathering and refining resources. However after everything was set up the game became quite straight-forward, such that even Jukar’s demanding mission to travel to all 3 other kingdoms on the highland became a picnic trip. Now I just need to return to where I started, and I’ll see if there’s any twists waiting for me!


00:00:00 — Mohnem’s Foundry
00:13:11 — Crag Perch
00:28:14 — Jukar Lookout


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