Airborne Kingdom – Wondrous // EP6

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This series will be a tutorial series on normal difficulty playing from start to finish. Airborne Kingdom is a game where you design and build your own flying kingdom and lead it on a quest across an expansive world. You have to carefully manage resources, balance, labor, colonist desires and also make sure to stay afloat!

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Viewers will be able to help influence the direction and vote on how certain situations are handled. If you would like to influence the direction of this series I welcome you to join me on stream. This series is streamed live on

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6 thoughts on “Airborne Kingdom – Wondrous // EP6”

  1. It was refreshing to watch a series that didn't have you dancing on the edge of a dagger. But I will still look forward to the next installment of Guy on Fire and the various 'losing is fun' difficulty level Rim World endeavors.

    Thanks for making this.


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