An Urban Planner Plays Airborne Kingdom City Building Game

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Mikael checks out the new Airborne Kingdom game. It’s being sold as a “city building” game in the sky, so what does an urban planner think of it?
Mikael includes some tips and tricks for getting started, a brief walkthrough and first look, as well as his verdict about whether this is actually a city building game.

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The music used is from the game.

0:00 Intro
0:50 Getting Started
2:08 Tips and Tricks to Start
4:13 Pros and Cons
5:41 The Verdict


12 thoughts on “An Urban Planner Plays Airborne Kingdom City Building Game”

  1. Wait, it sounds like you bought the Deluxe version just to have the original soundtrack in-game but Deluxe version just means that you get the in-game soundtrack as supplementary audio files, right?
    Also, this really feels sponsored.

  2. As much as I would love to see you play Cities Skylines I believe the best option for you would be to collaborate with someone who has a powerful computer and already a lot of experience to guide you a little bit through what is possible in the base game and especially with mods. Rather than gameplay, I would love to see your comments on the realism of (mainly traffic-related) mechanics and how mods can take it to another level.

  3. Dear Mikael, I've been trying to work out, how to watch the series in Germany. After a while, I found out, that the channel ServusTV broadcasts it, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any further information on their website. I found a link on Facebook, which redirected me ro their website, but ServusTV said it was invalid. Please can you tell me, how to access the series in Germany?

  4. I like this feel of "professional does fantastical takes on their fields" like "chef plays overcooked" or "plumber plays Mario". You should try out Frostpunk, that ought to be far enough from reality to be somewhat of a break. Or as someone already mentioned, Anno. My personal favourite is 1404, but I haven't tried the newest one (1800) yet.

  5. I think "Block'hood" could be a good game for you to try. Its an ecology management community building type of game. Its not perfect, but its quite nice and a somewhat fresh take.


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