Behind the Game: Airborne Kingdom | Unite Now 2020

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Airborne Kingdom is a flying city-builder featuring a unique blend of exploration gameplay. In this video podcast learn about the creative process and Unity’s tools that brought this flying world to life.

Mike Geig
Ben Wander, Founder of The Wandering Band

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7 thoughts on “Behind the Game: Airborne Kingdom | Unite Now 2020”

  1. Meh, Hollywood explosions have become lame now that I pay attention to them. Compare it to some large, real explosions, where the ground expels dust and you see a huge shockwave.

    Maybe there should be a more realistic mode in the game for those who are interested in that, idk.

  2. I watched this a while ago and they mentioned a save state asset, but I can't find it again in the interview… Does anyone remember what it was or where it was in the video?


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