Best CITY BUILDING GAMES to play now on PC | Airborne Kingdom review

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In this video you’ll discover one of the best CITY BUILDING GAMES to play now on PC. It’s my Airborne Kingdom review. Find out why you need to play this game.

So, what is Airborne Kingdom? It’s essentially one of those mobile city builder games. But not mobile in the sense that it’s on a phone – this is most definitely a city builders pc delight. I mean mobile in the sense that you’re constantly on the move.

This adds an exploration mechanic to proceedings. Rather than stay rooted to the spot like in many city building games, you’re on the hunt for resources. I’ve not seen this element before, even in the best city builder games of the genre. I’m thinking of games like Frostpunk, Cities XL, and Anno 1800 in that bracket. To be fair, it would be pretty weird if your city in those games started moving.

But roaming an overworld makes complete sense in Airborne Kingdom, since you’ve got loads of balloons and things everywhere. Balloons solve everything. Could we see more balloons in the best city building games 2021 brings? Only time will tell. But throwing in some helium sacks is my advice to developers. It’s the only way to get on the best city builders 2021 shortlist, and from there, the medium and longlists.

Airborne Kingdom certainly makes it onto my top 10 city building games list. But is it good enough to claim the crown? You’ll have to watch my Airborne Kingdom review. Thankfully, you’re in the right place, which is here.

Now, there are loads of top 10 city builders to beat (10 of them, to be precise), but as you’ll see in this Airborne Kingdom gameplay, there’s plenty to love about this nomadic management game. Let’s not put a number on it. Let’s put a letter: G for good god this game great.

When it comes to this genre, you’re spoiled for choice across any platform you care to mention. iOS, Switch, or home console. But for me, the best city building games PC offers are the best city builders money can buy. If you simply must spend money, spend it on PC.

So whether you’re cataloguing your 50, 20, or even 10 best city building games, many of them will likely be on PC. I tried doing this Airborne kingdom walkthrough on a controller and it didn’t work. This is a mouse and keyboard game.

And there’s a lot you can do with this tried and tested method. A Wandering Band is the developer, and they’ve added things like a photo mode so you can take lovely snapshots of your city, complete with over saturation and blurry depth of field; numerous regions offering their own unique challenges; and something called ‘nodel storytelling’, or storytelling in nodes, allowing you to approach narrative beats from multiple different directions.

One of the aspects I like most about the game is the various ways you can design your city. You’ve got a lot of sway. Make a beautiful fortress with multiple storeys and elegant sails, or a really long and ugly one that tilts. Take account of weight and add the right amount of lift using propellers and balloons. And remember, citizens who live in a lopsided city without food get understandably unhappy, so increase the smiles with warm streetlights and charming temples.

There’s lots to dig into, and I’ll show you everything you need to know about one of this best city builder games. If you find it useful, remember to like and subscribe for more! Enjoy the video.

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