BEST OF MADE WITH UNITY #125 – Week of April 22, 2021

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This is a short list of some of the coolest things we found online that were made using Unity. To be featured in this video, please make sure you put #madewithunity in your post on twitter and tag us @gamedevhq! Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured next!

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Adding headlook to some NPCs by Yamo [email protected]

Inventory management allows you to activate weapons depending on where you place them inside your subship by [email protected]

Doing some tricks with Hira’s ascension abilities by Fallen Tear : The [email protected]

Shock Pads by Puke&[email protected]

Night neons relaxation in the #Electroride by Wojciech [email protected]

Taking a little stroll in the night by LowPoly [email protected]_rogue

Trading system by Vincent [email protected]_dev

Capture an actor with #LiDAR by Antonia [email protected]

Short animation by S. A. [email protected]

The first section of #BurningRangers 4th and final mission by Andreas [email protected]

#Röki is AVAILABLE NOW on the #NintendoSwitch eShop by Polygon [email protected]

Dashboard #AR by Maxim Gedrovitch is now available on [email protected] Link is below:

3D patterns & Music Synchronization by [email protected]

The sun sets on another productive week by Airborne [email protected]

Some multiplayer racing action by [email protected]

Big Tangerine fight at Garden 35 by [email protected] Link is below:

Low Rider #AR Snapchat lens by [email protected] Link is below:

Dialogue system by [email protected]

Another look behind the scenes of ARTIFICIAL by Ondrej Angelovič@OndrejAngelovic

Break their spells by Sea of [email protected] Link is below: (Steam Wishlist:

The tree of life by [email protected]

Cubia’s main opaque shader can take us to many different environments by [email protected]

Try a demo of Terragon: Symbol Of Magic by Reality Shift [email protected] Link is below:

Boba Fett #AR lens by Devon is now available on [email protected] Link is below:

Working on the burrowing dynamic of this guy by Green Isle [email protected]

“Left Alone: Rebirth” the psychological thriller set in a desolate winter landscape by [email protected]

Combat by Only By [email protected]

Have you met Miss Amazing ? She is trying her best by [email protected]

Downloaded Entity could only sustained existence for a brief moment by [email protected]

The beginning of the adventure by Indie Games [email protected]

Castle Boomer by Chicken [email protected]

Got the end of a 4 week VR course run with GameDevHQ by [email protected]


Welcome to Ceres! You’ve landed a sweet gig as a mining technician – Swap tiles to create veins of 3 or more matching ores. Available on the google play store now.

Red Sector is a rogue like with intense twin-stick combat and amazing soundtrack. Now available on steam.

Blaster 2 is a space shooter with 3 different heroes, unique stats, ultimate weapons and more. Defeat the hordes of enemies available on google play store now.

With Insanity 2D, Bob is insane and he is trying to acquire the mystical gems of greatness. Overcome traps, puzzles, and reach mystical greatness. Available on the app store now.

Bridging the gap between old-school dungeon crawlers (Diablo I), arcade RPGs (Ghouls’n’Ghosts) and combo-driven fighters, Crumbling World is a casual dive into dark fantasy. Download on steam today!


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