Building A FLOATING CITY! – Airborne Kingdom – Strategy Management Game – Episode #1

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Airborne Kingdom is a unique flying city-builder by A Wandering Band, out Fall 2020. The game uniquely blends management with exploration. Barren landscapes never let you stay put for long, but perhaps your efforts can restore the world to its former utopia.

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21 thoughts on “Building A FLOATING CITY! – Airborne Kingdom – Strategy Management Game – Episode #1”

  1. I couldn't help but feel you were rushing things. You kept speeding past information windows, you kept flying around constantly without allowing your resource gatherers to do their job for more than the sparest of moments. This seems like a game where pausing and planning with use of the map is more important.

  2. Several things about this game look very interesting and promising. What prevents me from buying for now is that I'm wondering whether you've seen and explored all those things in just a few hours or not, and the game's replayability.

    So, like others have said, I'd love to see a few more videos of it.


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