Building In A NEW BIOME! – Airborne Kingdom – Strategy Management Game – Episode #2

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Airborne Kingdom is a unique flying city-builder by A Wandering Band, out Fall 2020. The game uniquely blends management with exploration. Barren landscapes never let you stay put for long, but perhaps your efforts can restore the world to its former utopia.

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8 thoughts on “Building In A NEW BIOME! – Airborne Kingdom – Strategy Management Game – Episode #2”

  1. It's a shame this wasn't on steam. I'd love to see screenshots of people's city layouts. My current city, nearing endgame, is half the (physical) size of yours, and with all necessary research already done, the only problem I have is having enough pops to man the buildings needed to keep the citizens happy. I lost about 10 or more people to unhappiness, but can't see any way to get them back. Which suggests that people are a limited resource in this game, and if you lose to many, you can't complete the game. Something for the developer to consider, regaining pops.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking that the map was small. Is there a sandbox mode or just the campaign? I think you should have built your buildings outward in a circle, well a square, instead of NESW directions only. Lol the part when you said, “oh my heart”. Could we see some of the colours you have collected on your buildings?

  3. WHY, POTATO! Why another game for me to buy? You pick them too well! I wasn't sure about this one after the first episode, but now after two I find myself unconsciously planning my city. You always do this to me! 🙂 Keep em coming.


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