Destroying a city in Airborne Kingdom

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What happens when you deliberately destroy your Airborne Kingdom by allowing it to run out of fuel and crash into the earth? Let’s find out.

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27 thoughts on “Destroying a city in Airborne Kingdom”

  1. You are right. That's what I turned up for. And I am very proud for wanting to crash symmetrically. After all the train crashes and rocket crashes etc. that you have done over the years this was quite a lofty goal for the Colonel. Too bad about blowing up instead of augering in. You kind of got cheated. And Muluab was of no help at all. His next chronicle should be about the virtues of being supportive.

  2. "Coal is running very low. Yeah, do I look concerned? Look at this face, does it look concerned to you?" My mental image is sitting back with the feet up sipping a fine cup with one hand in a bowl of popcorn.

  3. The very last two episodes to come:
    Destroying a city in Airborne Kingdom by tilt to the bow or the stern.
    And, Destroying a city in Airborne Kingdom by tilt to one of the sides.
    "It's not over until it's over". Muluash the First Chronicler.


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