Finding towers to set fire to | Airborne Kingdom episode 8

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Floating around the place, building a bit of stuff, complaining about the unreasonable demands of baffling ground based cities, it’s all business as usual in our Airborne Kingdom.
Once in a while I post something of value in here.

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23 thoughts on “Finding towers to set fire to | Airborne Kingdom episode 8”

  1. Why is the camera missing from the end of the show?
    A: the illuminati
    B: y'know, aliens
    C: some sort of protest I was previously unaware of
    D: I deleted the footage before the render had completed, like some kind of noob

  2. Build an extra science thingy and you can speed up the research.
    On a side note;
    I'm using a desktop. Did I win anything? Like a discount on the 10… or was it 9?… "Get Back To Work" posters I ordered?
    Just kidding.

    But I'm looking forward spreading the word with them, as I'm giving them away to people that were supposed to find me and a lot of my colleagues another job. No kidding.
    I want to know if they actually going to put them up in their office. They always said they liked my sense of humor, so I thought it was time to put it to the test.

  3. desktop4ever, Camera issues caused by you dissing Muluab-be nice to that guy or he will write bad stuff about ye, great entertainment as always, you are a one man interface challenge, if it is not designed with the colonel in mind he is liable to fly aimlessly in circles looking for unselected quests.

  4. 5:03 while messing around with hangars… that thing on the ground looks a lot like a Tower, to me. Just East of the Broken Isles township.
    Edit 19:03 – senior officer commanding with bulldozer as his major emblem forgets to research demolition. Also, as you were, that thing at five minutes isn't something with an inflammable tip.

  5. What do you know, traveling faster is great when you don't really pay attention to your navigation. You discover stuff!

    I'm hoping the coal hut create a plume of smoke so you can leave a trail as you travel.

    Secret schmecret.

  6. "Redacted"…I am actually part of the just under 50% as watching this on pc, I just didn't want to be left out. I couldn't do it though….had to redact the statement.


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