Flying city builder – Airborne Kingdom gameplay part 1

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Airborne Kingdom takes the novel approach of enabling you to build a flying city. Just keeping it in the air is a challenge in itself, fortunately I have a corps of flying aces who’ll go an retrieve the resources we need to stay aloft.

Airborne Kingdoms is available from the Epic Game store, and if you’re a regular user of the store you might find a $10 discount voucher waiting for you.

If you use the creator code COLONELFAILURE at checkout you help out my channel – you can do this on any game if you’re that way inclined. It costs you nothing and keeps me in flying saucers.


39 thoughts on “Flying city builder – Airborne Kingdom gameplay part 1”

  1. "There's a story here and it'ssss….super!" Translation: I'm ignoring the story, building a load of stuff because I can and then wanging out the airborne bulldozer and demolishing it. Because I can.

  2. The Stardozer has been replaced by a skydozer. Copying the design motif might not be a good idea. If symmetry is your issue, perhaps attaching even tile length buildings to odd numbers of wallway tile is the problem? I hope the game is more successful than the film.

  3. I do like the idear that when colonel failure plays a new game we all know how its going to end, And that is a unique and impressive way of dieing but this time it will be from a great height And yes the game does look very polished and pretty, looking forward to part 2

  4. My Dear Colonel,

    You once again find a game that really keeps me interested, I cannot speak for the masses here but I think, the more of this the merrier. Your commentary always cracks a smile and your channel deserves all the views and subs it can muster, keep up the good work. o7 P.S. Flying Bulldozers??…


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