Get back to work | Airborne Kingdom episode 10

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Yes, yes, we’ve had a lovely time gathering food and what-have-you in order to stop people from starving, but can we get back to work now please? Answer: yes. Airborne Kingdom time.
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25 thoughts on “Get back to work | Airborne Kingdom episode 10”

  1. Great game Colonel, and I think the series should continue for awhile, but maybe it’d be nice to break it up with another game every other day? Having this for 10 days straight (minus two TF2s) is a bit much. Great videos nonetheless, just, a little repetitive having so much greatness one after another.

  2. Now colonel, hear me out. I might be going crazy, but I think there is a thingy in your tech tree, that allows you to duble your water making in an areo of sorts. I think you could fit that between your turbofan-thingys to make all problems go away!

  3. In my youth, I spent over a year learning how to boil water… lots and lots of water. Now you could use that water to transfer chemical energy over to electrical generation, in my case, it was marine propulsion… turbines driving a propeller through a huge reduction gear – 3 stories tall (100k shaft Horsepower.) Both trains and ships have used this power. Just sitting still we would burn about $10,000 a day of oil to make steam into electricity… could you imagine how much tea you could make with that water? We also turned salt-water into freshwater through the magic of heat -about 10k gallons a day. It's all just boiling water at the end of the day, though. =D There is some science involved, as water changes both pressure and state (liquid, gas, solid) with temperature.

    This game inspires that awe, so simple, like boiling water, and yet with scale, it can become magical.
    (I've put a long comment, maybe it will help fill the game for an outro… =D)

  4. How much more episodes will colonel take to realize he needs to select the quest he wants to see the marked area on the map?? That’s what I ask myself every time a start watching a new episode… and at the outro it’s “oh, not today…”

  5. A little tip, ressources gathered or produced needs to be carried to their appropriate storage, since the townhall is the only place that stores coal, you can optimize your charcoal production by having the kilns next to it, as far as I can tell the game take this into account when displaying ressource gain.

  6. I like the plan to give this a few more episodes. Maybe make these a little longer so you can actually finish the game? I feel like you are close as you could have easily delivered 4 quests this episode.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks that the sound track is fantastic for a video game? It is somewhat hidden in the Cnls vid but as I have kicked "someone" 17p – I know of what I speak.


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