High drama in the high skies | Airborne Kingdom episode 12

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Total lies. There’s precious little drama to speak of here as the floating city of Urrgmelonflex continues its delicate jaunt across the skies of Madeupfantasyland. Got to entice you somehow, haven’t I? At least I haven’t written “oh no!” or something like it in the thumbnail, then you really would have been sold a dud. Except of course if I put something in smallprint explaining that actually, everything’s fine and that we can all relax. This was supposed to be the last episode, but it isn’t, of Airborne Kingdom.
Once in a while I post something of value in here.

No, that isn’t true except for in the super-secret secret message section right at the very end of the description. To get to that point you’ll have to scroll past a big lump of links and nonsense all of which will enrich your life… if you let them.

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(*) – Today’s secret: A most enjoyable game, although it does rather lend itself to “I’ll just move this over here-itis”.


33 thoughts on “High drama in the high skies | Airborne Kingdom episode 12”

  1. "in the darkened winter of youtube posting; January the lowest viewed month the of the year, Colonel Failure watches faithfully at his viewership grow by this new airbourne city builder game. Was it to last, or was it going to be just a legend. Find out in today's finale (?) of tales of Urrgmelonflex, Muluab the second chronicler and more shennigans from Mr Failure himself"
    by the journal of the forgotten youtubers by Frank "the woopsie" Spencer, third chronicler of the realm.

  2. You can just imagine uncle failure reading a night time story to his kids [ what a poor messed up bunch they must be ] you only have to look at jeff…need i say any more.

  3. No one expects the Failure inquisition!
    This will be the last episode!
    Well… the second to last episode
    Well.. maybe the second to the second to last episode
    well… let's just finish the ruddy game

    Jokes aside, you aren't that far off from the ending anyway, so might as well

  4. I hear you….Houses for all, minarets, clinic/s, lighting all good and satisfied for the 100+ inhabitants. Five minutes of some minor grievance and there's parachutes everywhere! Worse than that it's alwways the ones who do the harvesting. I currently have a city with no pilots to do anything . Currently wondering how to proceed as food, coal and water all running out with nobody to fetch more!!!

  5. First, he said he wouldn't move buildings, and he redesigned the whole ship. Then, he said he wouldn't faff around with colours, and he gave most buildings different colours. Now, he said he wouldn't continue the playthrough, and he continuing it… This is the kind of failed promises we came to see!

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