How The Fall Of Visceral Built An Airborne Kingdom – MinnMax Interview

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In this interview with MinnMax’s Ben Hanson, The Wandering Band’s Zach Mumbach and Ben Wander talk about the formation of their new studio and the flying city-builder Airborne Kingdom. We also go back in time and talk about their experience working at Visceral Games under EA on the Dead Space series, Amy Hennig’s Star Wars project, Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel, and Battlefield Hardline. To unlock the podcast version of this discussion and help support more interviews in the future, check out the benefits for supporting us on Patreon.

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24 thoughts on “How The Fall Of Visceral Built An Airborne Kingdom – MinnMax Interview”

  1. Awesome as always – I have had by eye on Airborne Kingdom, but I went out and bought it during this interview. Ben & Zach were just so awesome and candid and excited about what they are doing. I'm crazy excited for this game

  2. What a good interview. Hearing Ben talk about the Nav Mesh issues at 40:00 was hilarious, and seeing Zachs face right at 41:45 as if he knows exactly whats coming is great. That whole Frostbite section was really interesting, and I love hearing developers talk about the little victories, and struggles when trying to create these games. Two fantastic guests, and an overall wonderful interview.

    Also, that section about the fall of the Star Wars game was brutal to hear. The fact Soderlund was so hyper focused on games like PUBG potentially deprived us of an amazing Star Wars game by some of the best designers in the business. How frustrating.

  3. I usually don’t watch interviews, but when I do it’s Dos Equis. No seriously I usually am not a fan of many interviews unless I’m really passionate about a game they have worked on etc. And didn’t have any sort of tie to either of these two. But needed something to listen to while cooking dinner and I have to say that was fantastic. The special looks into the Star Wars game and just how the industry works was so insightful. The questions were thought out yet adapted to how the flow of conversation was going. The chemistry between guests and host was amazing. All around great job Ben and the MinnMax team as a whole in everything you all do.

  4. Hanson is a pro interviewer. Ben have you ever considered doing a follow up to your MGS retrospective but focus on 2? The first one was so well done and MGS2 is such an important game for a variety of reasons. It would be amazing and I think actually possible to get a lot of people involved with the game on board to speak with you. Just a thought.

  5. Wow! This has been possibly my favorite MinnMax interview yet.

    Zach and Ben are both very candid and honest and offer interesting perspective into a world we often wonder about as mere consumers of games.

    I especially like the part where they talk about the cancelled Amy Hennig game. This is the most detailed description of what was happening at that studio than I can recall having read or heard. Great get, MinnMax!

  6. 1:08:13 imagine saying that and still releasing Battlefield V. It's confirmed at this point that there is either corporate espionage or extreme favoritism in EA. It could possibly be just pure ineptitude from these corporate fools. Since Patrick was all in for it, and from what I can tell, he seems relatively competent, but then you have people influencing him in a bad way.

    EA just needs to be wiped clean and built up again like Lucasfilm.


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