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[9] I’ve attached some big boy engines to my kingdom and now we are the fastest we could possibly be!


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  1. It's got a cool story, but this cycle of ascendance that these so-called "sages" describe is a real doozy. In choosing to uplift only the "worthy" (which is a term that they themselves defined, by the way), they are inadvertently dooming those unfortunate enough to not join the ship when they had the chance to another eternity of misery and poverty. Instead of sharing their technological advancements for the betterment of all, as they determined was a key characteristic that "the worthy" should possess, they left them in the dust so that they could selfishly go to this supposedly super majestic and amazing place. What a bunch of hypocritical bar stewards.

  2. Tom please bro talk to your doctor about that shaking. They will recommend a neurologist please. I know I'm some random fan but I actually care about good people and their lives. Don't believe me watch my philosophy channel just started toxic Tuesdays and Thursdays don't apply to you!

  3. I honestly thought this game was quite boring, so I just had it on in the background to listen to you talk. Not suuuuuuper keen on more but would watch. well, listen

  4. I mainly want to know if theres any way to have positive everything in this game. Like the water collectors dont use any resources IIRC so it might be possible to use those to be entirely self sufficient

  5. that was a pretty neat little game! the story seems a bit forced, but it's fine – gives a little direction and an end goal to shoot for. I'd definitely like to see what getting all the wonders does, if anything.


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