I am not a sky plumber | Airborne Kingdom #4

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It’s what I love about being the rules of a flying city – you get a given a bunch of thankless odd-jobs by random members of the aristocracy who can’t figure out how to unclog their own u-bend. This is episode 4 in a series of Airborne Kingdom adventures.

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(*) – Today’s secret: In theory I’ll get through this without running out of anything thanks to my ceaseless sky pillaging. That’s not going to last, is it?


28 thoughts on “I am not a sky plumber | Airborne Kingdom #4”

  1. I love the game but unfortunately the devs put really retarded stuff in the game like people suddenly getting unhappy and leaving. Then you find yourself unable to send out planes and you find yourself selling buildings because you can't find more crew to collect resources. When your food and water burn get to -4 it starts to get almost impossible to get anything done and oasis and food don't replenish fast enough to keep you sustained. Love all your youtube vids keep them coming.

  2. And no I did not have any houses near places to effect them. I kept their homes separate from the fumes and noise I built as many lights as possible and 6 shrines was still not enough. The devs need to tweek this better and cut the burn for food and water or speed up replenishments on the ground.

  3. I was just thinking the city could use a splash of colour and then along came the ability to colour your own buildings! I support colouring the roofs to make a nice St Basil's Cathedral-esque look.


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