I played 1 hour of Airborne Kingdom – Xbox Game Pass

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I played 1 hour of Airborne Kingdom – Xbox Game Pass

Welcome to our “First Impressions” series, where we dive into games available on Xbox Game Pass and give you our initial thoughts after spending an hour with them. Today, we’re taking to the skies in “Airborne Kingdom.”

In this episode, we’ll share our experiences, discoveries, and honest opinions after one hour of gameplay. Is “Airborne Kingdom” worth your time and bandwidth on Xbox Game Pass? Let’s find out together!

🎮 Join us as we explore the highs and lows of this unique city-building adventure. From floating cities to resource management, we’ll cover it all in our first hour of play.

🛡️ Will “Airborne Kingdom” earn a spot on your gaming radar, or is it a pass? Watch to find out!

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