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Airborne Kingdom — the sky city builder. Grow your unique town among the clouds, and fly it across a wide-open landscape. Explore the skies to restore serenity to the world below
In All the Mods 6 we will continue the tradition adding many new mods while going for more stability.

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Build Your Domain
Construct a unique sky city. Build housing, satisfy needs, and grow your clan. Maintain lift, balance weight, and be careful not to run low on fuel!

Fly The Barrens
Explore the landscape, which changes with every playthrough. Search for resources, find lost technologies, and discover the fate of The Ancients!

Connect The Kingdoms
Gain allegiance with the ground kingdoms. Help them find artifacts, construct monuments, and connect them to the skies. Your guidance can propel an era of harmony!

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31 thoughts on “MASSIVE City Expansions ! Airborne Kingdom Ep.2 | Z1 Gaming”

  1. I love this! Really wish this was available for console
    Also would you consider playing Cat goes fishing? It is a 2-D game that centers on exploration, discovery, and upgrading your boat and rod.

  2. Just an idea, but maybe you should group the farms and water condensers like you did the houses with the windmill/filtration thing in the middle. That might be more space efficient. Also, dont be afraid to put buildings on the outside if you can. Might not look as nice, but it might be worth a try.

    Loving this series, keep it up!

  3. If you get the next coal storage upgrade (I'm only 5:00 minutes into the video so you might have done it I just haven't seen yet) you can remove both of the wings and add 2 propellers and use the same amount of workers with the same amount of lift but extra speed.

  4. This while time I'm listening to you say "we'll put this here and that there yeah those are fantastic places for those!" Meanwhile I'm watching the game scream at you that you're putting things in almost the worst possible places lol.


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