Muluab saves the kingdom | Airborne Kingdom #6

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“The next city is just over that watery bit. You’ll be grand.”
This is of course, a lie. There’s no coal over there, you know how I know? Because MULUAB THE EXPLAINER told me. One quick raid for relics later and I’m back for a charcoal blueprint and all the minarets in the world. The Airborne Kingdom of Urrgmelonflex prepares for its next voyage into the unknown.

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(*) – Today’s secret: I’m fully aware it might not have been Muluab who tipped me off about a lack of coal, but I can’t fully remember and the 2nd Chronicler has rather made himself a regular feature of the series. So he gets the credit.


20 thoughts on “Muluab saves the kingdom | Airborne Kingdom #6”

  1. Hope you can build the lamps ON the paths. Hopefully we’ll find out next episode. Maybe MULUAB! the tree second harmony chronicler knows, or your phone…
    I like this series especially with your narration, me thinks it’s doing okayish with the view count?

  2. Isn't Ergon Melon-Flex still on LSD – and thus able to divide by three (in old pennies)? Well, oddly enough 12" still make a rule .. counting from the left .. even if you may no longer rap knuckles with it (legally). All praise the Magic Number – 240 – Thanks be to Mully Wan The Chronic; well, every brass 'as' counts even when using silvered 'denarii'. ;o)

  3. Hey Colonel, Not sure if you will read this before recording the next, and/or if you'd rather not have viewers give you tips and you just figure stuff out on your own. But here are some tips if you want them:
    – If you hover your mouse over the lift amount on the top resource bar thingy, it will tell you how much tilt you have
    – as you kinda figured, when you place certain buildings with red circles around them, people get unhappy if they live in the red. (What a bunch of complainers! This isn't a pleasure cruise; this is a flipping sky city! Now get back to work before we crash spectacularly!)
    – You can build more academies to speed up your research. If you get enough workers, get like 4 of them, and those 32 hour research times will feel more like 8 or so
    – If you plan on tearing down or moving buildings around, go for the town center upgrade that reduces the cost of doing so.

    Good luck 🙂


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