Pinstar Plays Airborne Kingdom #3: Feast Or Famine

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A new day, a new horizon and a new kingdom to help, this time their problems are a bit bigger and have some pretty harsh implications on the face of the world itself. However, daunting as their problems are, they have some pretty sweet technology blueprint for us. Can we help out these parched farmers?

Note: My (and everyone else’s) access to the OpenDev build of Humankind has ended. This came a day earlier than I expected so my Humankind coverage will be stopping unexpectedly. Airborne Kingdom was next on the poll for games to continue coverage.

Airborne Kingdom is available now on the Epic game store. Its base price is $20, but you can use Epic’s holiday $10 off coupon to get it for as little as $9.99

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FTC Disclaimer: This press key was provided to me free of charge, but does not impact my opinion of the game.



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