Pinstar Plays Airborne Kingdom #4: Chonkerville

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Having just helped the kingdom of grains and breads and food in general and been taught the secrets of farming on the go, our city has become a bit of a chonker. As our limited fans strain under the ever-growing weight of city and its people, we try to keep things growing while keeping everything, and everyone, in the sky.

Airborne Kingdom is available now on the Epic game store. Its base price is $20, but you can use Epic’s holiday $10 off coupon to get it for as little as $9.99

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FTC Disclaimer: This press key was provided to me free of charge, but does not impact my opinion of the game.



3 thoughts on “Pinstar Plays Airborne Kingdom #4: Chonkerville”

  1. Whouhou! Two episodes in a day? Feels like a treat to me. Thank you so much, dear sir!
    Edit: just realised the 3rd one was posted yesterday but I watched them both today. Still very happy about it! 😊


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