Pinstar Plays Airborne Kingdom #5: Tilted Windmills

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Up until this point, balance has hardly been a problem for us. Things have largely fallen into place on their own in fairly logical spots, but when demand for more lift requires us to press some very unbalancing fans into service, finding a good spot for them proves trickier. I’m sure people can live with the tilt, right?

Airborne Kingdom is available now on the Epic game store.

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FTC Disclaimer: This press key was provided to me free of charge, but does not impact my opinion of the game.



3 thoughts on “Pinstar Plays Airborne Kingdom #5: Tilted Windmills”

  1. I'm glad to see this back, I'm really enjoying it. I was pondering, you had to cross an area with little water an episode or two ago, and then got the ability to create more food and water as you travel, making you less dependent on what you find. I have no special knowledge of this game, but if I were designing such a thing, I might be tempted to include a large swathe in the late game with no coal available. Just to make the player sweat, if nothing else. So if I were playing, I might be tempted to increase my coal storage when I had nothing else more pressing to do. Just a thought.


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