Someone fire the navigator | Airborne Kingdom episode 7

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Are we lost or did I just go to the wrong place? Either way, we’ve exploring to do and a self-supply of fuel to generate lest we plummet from the skies in the same way as a 3 day old party balloon might were it to, strictly speaking, still have structural integrity. Balloon’s to one side, the city of Urrgmelonflex takes flight once more in Airborne Kingdom.
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(*) – Today’s secret: Well this is all going jolly well isn’t it? Now, let’s talk serious here for a moment. Next week I’ll be doing a proper Battle Plan where I’ll outline the new era for the channel. It won’t look radically different to the current era, but it’ll be new, so that’ll be nice.


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  1. Really enjoying this series. Navigator needs to be dangled over the edge for a few days to learn a lesson lol. Or forced to live in the fan or something to really get him in a better mood! 😉 haha


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